Friday, April 5, 2013

Mooncake Mold (3-in-1 Square)

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Product Info

Beautifully, intricate handcarved floral patterns in wooden block; traditional Chinese motif, for small mooncakes.

Factor Benefits

  • Three different detailed floral patterns
  • Total length 12" x 2.5", cookie 1" d x 1.5" sq.

Customer Opinions

Brick Pollitt

Too small. Haven't try it yet...but the molds are so small that I can imagine how hard it's going to be when taking out moon cakes.I guess I should of pay more attention to the size when I bought these.. It's seriously like 1" x1". It's make out of wood with beautiful carvings for the face of moon cakes. Due to the size.. I can't imagine the beautiful carvings will show.

Moon cake wood mold
Trang Tran

I bought a moon cake wood mold ,I gave for my friend as gift and she told me it a scam stuff,it's not shape enough,they made from a cheap wood,many small piece of wood came out.I was mad but I did not spend extra money to return.

smallere than thought
Bubble Fish

the molds are smaller than what I thought, but if you are making mooncakes for your little kids, they are fine.

Rating: 3.6 5 reviews

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